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The Supernatural Love Ministries mandate to plant churches is fulfilled through the establishment of mission stations all over the world known as International Praise Churches. The headquarter church is located in the central part of Nigeria, in the muslim dominated city of Kaduna. Supernatural Love ministries have so far planted churches mostly in the muslim dominated cities and villages of northern Nigeria. These churches have carried the message of Gods supernatural love as given to our founder Bishop Fred Addo. Today, most of these churches have impacted in their communities so positively that most of our churches not only pioneer Pentecostal ideals, but are leaders in their communities. In many of the cities and villages, our pastors have become community leaders and headed crusades, camp meetings ect organized by the Christian community in conjunction with our churches. Our Churches are a vibrant mix of large congregations and internal manifestation of love among the brethren. We are known for our open display of love within and outside our congregation.Aside from our primary churches in Nigeria, we have affiliate churches in Western Europe, North America and many parts of Africa.

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