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The Supernatural Love Ministries has suspended its full-time Bible School training courses. The Ministry is now planning to build permanent structures to facilitate full-time and circular training.Right now Dr. Fred Addo runs the School Of Church growth And Practical Ministry (SOCAP), a one month intensive education training for Business people, professionals, and Gospel Ministry hopefuls and especially for those already in active ministry. Every evening for one month practical lessons for life and ministry concerning leadership skills, Biblical economics and management are taught in SOCAP. Also taught are things that could help in the practice of ministry. Not all people called of God can afford a year or two of Bible school, also many of us are already in ministry and cannot afford a long time away from our Churches or ministry work; in that case SOCAP offers opportunity to learn on the job and thereby increase the quality of our output. Also there are many Church members who see a call but they are not really sure. SOCAP helps you to know what God wants you to do and how to go about it. It pays also for every Church member to be skilled and ready to perform Pastoral duties, you never know when your Pastor may require your help. The greatest word in SOCAP is the word WISDOM. Through SOCAP you find wisdom for business, marriage, ministry and wisdom on how to manage your personal life and maximize your God-given potentials.Fred Addo Missions Outreach through its FATS Program offers training to either all workers and leaders in your city or to just your local Church. This training includes leadership, follower-ship, ethics, worship, evangelism and growth. It also includes specialized training and motivation to different sections of the local Church like Ushering, Choir, Finance and Project people, Youth Ministry, Children Ministry, Women Ministry, Giving Ministry and how to run the Church Office to mention but a few.



1.SOCAP will make you a better Christian. It will help you develop strong Christian character as well as show you how to locate and use the special gifts God has equipped you with.

2. Two years may be too long to spare in a full fledge Bible School, but SOCAP will give a quick overview of what New Testament end time Ministry is all about.

3. SOCAP will help you prepare for future Ministry even if you dont know what God has really called you to do.

4. SOCAP will improve your pastoral and leadership skills if you are already Pastoring or in any kind of Ministry

.5. SOCAP will give you godly organization and management tips that will make you more effective and successful. It is highly recommended for businessmen/women, professionals, Church workers, Church helpers and Church leaders.

6. SOCAP will teach you vital, practical and relevant keys that will help your Church to grow.

7. SOCAP will teach your Elders, Deacons, Evangelists, Assistant/Resident Pastors and other associates how to help you fulfill the vision of your Ministry. It will train them to be more effective in supportive Ministry and to be loyal to spiritual authority.

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